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In the market since 2004, developing personalized fragrances.

About Us

We specialize in the creation and implementation of personalized fragrances and olfactory signatures, professional air scenting, creation and production of perfumed products and perfumes for personal use.
We work under a Private Label using our clients’ creating integrated solutions from concept to final product.

We are dedicated, innovative and passionate about the science and art of perfuming our clients ideas


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At i-sensis perfume design we develop our clients’ olfactive brand for the application in different supports in order to maintain a consistent odotype within all the products.

Our scent diffusers are our answer to the current trend in scent marketing in order to appeal to the senses and emotions of the costumer, communicating sophistication and well-being.


We develop and produce exclusive personalized perfumes for our clients, from the creation of the exclusive fragrance to the final packaging, ready to place in the point of sale.

Our fragrances are an inspiration to create olfactory memories full of emotions that last over time.


Av. Arcos do Sardão, 401A 

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4430-434 Vila Nova de Gaia 



Telephone : 223 260 659 *

Email: contact@i-sensis.com

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