I-SENSIS uses an innovative production process of new perfumes, by applying formulation methodologies with scientific basis. These resulted from several years of research in the area of perfumery at the laboratory LSRE/FEUP, in University of Porto.

We aim to maintain a strong R&D character in the company, in order to promote constant innovation for the development of new and differentiated products. For this goal, NEOTEC Project assigned by ADI is a very important contribution for our growth as a technology-based company.

PERFUMERY TERNARY DIAGRAM is a scientific tool for formulating perfumes that enables to predict the smell of a mixture of perfumery raw materials, using their physical and chemical and thermodynamic properties. Therefore, it is possible to establish a perfume formula with a reduced number of experimental trials, in less time and more cost-efficiently. This line of research work has already resulted in several publications in renowned scientific journals.