Air Scenting

I-sensis aims to strengthen the corporate image of your company / brand, by creating an olfactif logotype. Our know-how to create exclusive fragrances together with our own fragrance catalogue, we have the main goal of offering your company/brand a sensorial tool with huge possibilities of increasing your success, namely by:

- Enhancing the prestige of your brand through the elegance and differentiation created by having your own ambient scent.
- Involving the consumers/clients with the philosophy and environment desired by your company, with the purpose of increasing your sales;
- Promoting with class meetings, congresses and events;
- Expand the range of options for communication and marketing;
- Induce new sensorial experiences, from stimulating and energetic to relating and involving;
- Awaken the appetite and taste; Increase the feeling of well-being.
- Be a leader through differentiation, working in partnership, ensure of exclusivity.