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We write our scent like this...

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The science and art of the perfumes we create at i-sensis started with a pyramid of 3 Portuguese scents: lemon, geranium rose and cistus. These notes are characteristic of Portugal and represent the 3 levels of an olfactive pyramid – top (lemon), heart (geranium rose) and base (cistus).


The perfumer-scientist works to translate the release of a scent into mathematical and physicochemical equations in order to fine tune the persistence of a fragrance and obtain the optimal diffusion of an aroma. By balancing this olfactive equation the formulation is converted into an harmonious scent score that, much like a sonata, can be reproduced time and time again.


What we do...

At i-sensis perfume design we specialize in the development of fragrances personalized for perfumes as well as for application in a myriad of scented products and applications for Olfactive Marketing. We deploy innovative technology for air scenting in professional spaces and for the production of a vast range of perfumed products and merchandising that, combined with a personalized service for our clientes allow us to solve the challenges our clients have in terms of scent.

i-sensis perfume design was created as a spin-out from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in September 2004 and is now a reference in the sector.


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Research and Development

Learning and curiosity is in our DNA.

The thirst of knowledge regarding perfumery started when we were still at the Faculty of Engineering. Our drive has always been to continuously learn in order to be able to create the most extraordinary fragrances for our clients.

One thing we’re sure is that there is so much we don’t know and that is why we keep close contact with universities by participating in research projects and Master or PhD thesis.

Fragrances are a very specific and special area of expertise so it’s very important to continuously grow our know-how: creating a new scent is a creative but also a highly specialized endeavor. The fragrance that is developed has to strengthen the status that the client envisions for their brand. 

In order to maintain the consistency of the message it’s necessary to analyze where the brand will be sold, how it will be marketed, what is the relationship that the costumer has with the brand, what are the brand’s values and more importantly how will it impact the costumer in the point of sale.

It’s as important to know what to do as it is to know what not to do. The combination of fragrant notes, the intensity of each one in the mixture, the location where it will be used, among others are variables that have to be carefully considered. Otherwise we may end up creating undesirable effects such as headaches, nausea and, in extreme situations, a very strong rejection of the brand or company that we’re promoting, compromising the positioning with its costumers.

We embrace every challenge as an opportunity to develop new techniques, new products and create an even more fragrant world.

“Scent can be the best memory in a client’s mind.”