i-sensis in scent....

The science and art of the perfumes we create at i-sensis started with a pyramid of 3 Portuguese scents: lemon, geranium rose and cistus. These notes are characteristic of Portugal and represent the 3 levels of and olfactive pyramid – top (lemon), heart (geranium rose) and base (cistus).

The perfumer-scientist works to translate the release of a scent into mathematical and physicochemical laws in order to fine tune the persistence of a fragrance and obtain the optimal diffusion of an aroma. By balancing this olfactive equation the formulation is converted into an harmonious scent score that, much like a sonata, can be reproduced time and time again.

The scent of i-sensis if green, subtle and light, opening with the joy of the citric chord of orange and blood orange joined by the subtle innocence of orange blossom and white tea, enveloped by the green chord of rhubarb, mint and green tea. Finally, as we are the science of perfuming ideas, the top notes could not be complete without a whiff of sea breeze given by the odor molecule calone (created in a lab in the 1960’s).

We are curious and bold and thus we combine the smoothness of violet leads with the intensity of the rose, intensified by the freshness of the geranium rose. Our strong heart, booming with emotion and ambition, commits to the mission of creating well-being by combining cedar wood with the oriental citrus notes of cardamom and the fruity freshness of the green apple. Our dreaming spirit balanced with the thirst to discover new fragrances takes us to the vastness of the ocean translated into scent by a chord of algae and salty water.

After an olfactive journey than spans an ocean at last we reach the end of our journey at the base of our fragrance. Our roots are in Portugal and thus we combine the ambar notes of cistus from the slopes of the Douro river with the earthy aroma of vetiver. Our strength, resistance and resilience is given by intensity of patchouli combined with cedar wood and oak moss. The final scent note in our journey is cashmeran that embraces us like a blanket, simultaneously cozy, mysterious and modern.

Our scent is an invitation to both daydream and to aspire to the creation of a olfactive memory filled with everlasting emotions.

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